Leica R3 – Vario 1:3.5/35-70 Berlinecore Street Photography Berlin


The Leica R3 has a sturdy and heavy body, the shot is hard and noisy, but you do not feel the vibration on the camera body. Shooting with an analogue machine has always given you that enormous responsibility to control the moment only once in a single instant no reply.

“The prejudices that many photographers have of color photography stem from the fact that they do not think of color in terms of form. In color you can express certain things that can not be said in black and white”

Edward Weston

Nerja, Malaga (Spain) Street Photography Xf10 Fujifilm

Every time I go to a new place to find the image that tells the story of itself, I have to deal with its past, with its meaning with the people who are part of the place and in the end with the material with which it was built most of the structures. From the mirror glass of the young metropolis to the yellow tufa stone of the islands and the Mediterranean coast, to the bohemian walls of Nerja, Malaga, Spain.

Fujifilm xf10 .